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Gutenberg Columns Block and How to Add it to WordPress

Gutenberg Columns Block and How to Add it to WordPress

If you’re a regular WordPress user, you have probably been curious about how to add columns to your posts and pages. Before the release of Gutenberg editor for WordPress, adding columns has been a bothersome task for many. But nowadays, thanks to Gutenberg columns block, this process has been greatly simplified.

Today we will talk about Gutenberg columns block and the ways to add columns to your WordPress posts.

How to use Gutenberg columns block

Gutenberg columns block is convenient because it allows you to make multi-column layouts in an area where your content is. There is also a possibility of including other blocks inside each column.

To add the columns with Gutenberg, first you need to go to the page or post you want to add the columns to. Once you hover over the writing area, a plus button will appear on the left. Click on it and choose Columns option located in the Layout Elements section. This will insert the columns block into your post.

columns gutenberg

By default, the column block will have two paragraph blocks.

column block

You are free to start typing your text in either one of the two blocks, or you can choose to insert more column blocks.

gutenberg blocks

To do this, you have to click on an area in the column block outside of other blocks that are also contained inside. Doing this will make column settings appear on the right. Here you can insert your column number. You can add up to 6 columns in total.

In case you want to change the style of your column blocks, this section also has an Advanced option that lets you insert additional CSS Class.

block options

There are also settings for every block that you add into the columns, as usual.



Just like any other new option, Gutenberg columns block is probably prone to changes with time, which should bring some improvements to the table. But for now, this is a great solution for creating layouts with multiple columns to your posts. We are sure that this feature will make your articles richer and more appealing visually.

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