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How to Hide WordPress Login Page

How to Hide WordPress Login Page

When you run a website, knowing how to hide WordPress login page, can truly help you keep it secure even if you’re not a WordPress expert. As your website login page can be an easy target for malicious login attempts it’s important to understand the logic behind automated brute-force attacks. In this case, hackers try to guess your username and password over and over. They hope they will eventually find your secret combo and successfully login to the WordPress website.

This is why hiding your WordPress login page can be of a real help if you want to save your website from being hacked. Although there are many WordPress security plugins made to meet your needs, hiding WordPress login page can be the easiest way to keep your website protected.

You already know that, when you want to go to the backend of your website, you can access it from the standard WordPress login page URL. As it is basically the same for all WordPress websites – you just need to add wp-admin at the end of your domain name, if you want to log in. It usually looks like this:

Hide WordPress Login Page

In our opinion the best and the easiest way to change your URL login is to use a plugin. With more than 1 million active installations and an excellent user rating, WPS Hide Login plugin is all you may need. This plugin makes it easy to use a custom URL rather than the standard login URL. After you install and activate this plugin, /wp-admin and /wp-login.php are inaccessible, replaced with a custom URL of your choosing.

Log in to your WordPress website. Go to Plugins and click Add new. Now search for the plugin named “WPS Hide Login”. Here it is:

WordPress Login Page Plugin

Click Install Now and then activate it. After that, go to the settings:

WordPress Login Page

After you scroll down, you will find this:

Login Plugin WordPress

The second box is what you are looking for. Make sure to change your login URL into something that is not easy to guess. Skip simple, common words and phrases. Invest your time to find the solution that really works.

Once you change your login URL, don’t forget to copy it somewhere, in a case you can’t remember it.

In Conclusion

Knowing how to hide your WordPress login page is essential for keeping your site safe. This can be easily done with the help of custom login WordPress plugins that are equipped with tons of features. These tools will not only let you customize your login page, but also prevent potential attacks and security issues.

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