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How to Add a Link in WordPress


It’s no news that most websites carry significant amounts of textual content. One of the basics when posting any type of textual content is being able to link certain parts of it. This will not only provide your audience with more dynamic website experience but bring them better navigation as well. So, if you want to benefit your website, don’t forget to create anchor links for your textual content. Also, you can add email and phone number links to your page. By doing this your visitors will be able to reach out with just a click to the link. Now, let’s see how you can easily add a link in WordPress with a few simple steps.

Add a Link Through the Visual Editor

There are essentially two very straightforward ways you can add a link in WordPress. The first method is using the visual editor. All you should do is select a word or a part of the text you wish to link. Now you should click the Link icon located in the upper right, as shown on the image below.

Add a link through the visual editor

Next you should insert the desired link in the box that pops up next to the selected text.

Insert the desired link in the box

This effectively rounds up the process. As you can see, adding a link in WordPress is as easy as it can get.

Add a Link Through the Text Editor

The second method you can use to add a link in WordPress is virtually the same. However, in case you opt to use the text editor approach, there’s an additional option available. First off, you should switch to the textual editor by clicking the Text button located in the upper right.

After this, as shown previously, simply select the bit of text you wish to add a link to. Click the link button.

Add a link through the text editor

Here you can insert your link. Note that there is a box you can tick if you wish the link to be opened in a new tab when clicked.

Insert your link


As with any text editing task in this day and age, you can quite easily add a link in WordPress. The process is quick, easy and fairly intuitive. We compiled this short article to highlight all the steps in this process, and hopefully you now have a complete picture of how effortless linking bits of text really is.

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