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How To Change WordPress Title and Tagline

When you first install your WordPress site, it will most likely have a temporary title and tagline, which is required in order to complete the installation. Naturally, you want to get rid of that useless generics and add your own WordPress title and tagline.

Or, you may have been running a website with a certain title and tagline for years but now you want to refresh it, rebrand it or simply shake things up a bit by changing the first things your visitors see and notice about your site.

Whatever the reason, you’ll be glad to hear that changing the WordPress title and tagline is super-easy and something that will only take up a tiny little bit of your time. What’s even better – these steps are the same for the Classic and the Gutenberg editor.

1. Login into your website

Go to the Appearance – Customize


In order to change your website’s title and tagline, you need to log into your website’s admin. Once you’re in there, navigate down to Appearance and click on Customize.

2. Click on Site Identity


From there, click on Site Identity tab at the top of the menu.

3. Change the name of the website


You can delete the old website name in the Site Title field and add a new one. Click on Update when you’re done.

4. Change the tagline


The process is the same for changing the tagline. The Tagline field is located just below the Site Title field. Delete the old tagline, type in the new one and press Update to complete the process.

That wasn’t difficult at all, was it? Now that you know how easy it is to change your WordPress title and tagline in Classic Editor or Gutenberg, all you need to do is to come up with the new ones that will revamp your site and your brand and make it stand out among millions of others.

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