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How to Create WordPress Private Page Or Post

The beauty of writing a blog post is not only in expressing yourself but also in sharing your beloved article with the world. But, sometimes, you might want to skip the magic of publishing a blog post by making it or your entire website private. In this article, you will learn how to create a private page or a post in WordPress, like a pro.

When you want to make a special page for only particular readers, or you want some kind of personal diary, you can easily create WordPress private post or WordPress private page.

Basically, this means that only logged in users with the right permissions can see the content. For example, this can be very practical in a situation when you work on something but haven’t yet reached the point in which you are ready to publish.

So, let’s start!

How to Create a Private Page in WordPress

The WordPress has a large set of elements that will allow you to make a private post or page in just a few steps. First, log in to WordPress and look for the Pages option. To access the privacy settings for the page, look for the Visibility under the Publish tab on the right and click Edit.

How to Create WordPress Private Page Or Post 1

After you click on Edit you will be able to see three different options for your page visibility:

  • Public – everyone can see your website page.
  • Password protected – users will need to enter a password before seeing the page.
  • Private – only the users with privileges, who are logged in, will see the page.
How to Create WordPress Private Page Or Post 2

After you select your privacy preference, click on OK, to confirm the action.

How to Create WordPress Private Page Or Post 3

Finally, update your page and start enjoying the website on your own or with the selected ones.

How to Create WordPress Private Page Or Post 4

How to Create a Private Post in WordPress

When you’re not in a mood for sharing your blog posts with the readers or just need a special place where you can put your thoughts into words, the private posts are an ideal solution. If you wish to make a specific post private, log in to WordPress and find the Posts section. Look for the Visibility option and click on Edit.

How to Create WordPress Private Page Or Post 5

Now, choose the type of the blog post visibility – Public, Password protected or Private, depending on your needs.

How to Create WordPress Private Page Or Post 6

After you choose the visibility type, click OK to save the changes.

How to Create WordPress Private Page Or Post 7

In the end, press Update and start the new writing adventure in a fresh, private blog post mode.

How to Create WordPress Private Page Or Post 8

In a case you need to make your blog posts or pages private, you can do it in just a few clicks thanks to the WordPress flexible options. Make the most of your website or blog posts and follow us for more helpful articles. Check out our other articles about customizing your WordPress pages: How to Make a Static Page as Your Homepage in WordPress, How to quickly build out different post types in WordPress  and How to create an awesome WordPress blog post


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