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How to Disable Comments in WordPress


One of the many advantages of being an admin is that you get to control what your visitors see on your website. Aside from being able to prevent things like spam comments, the ability of disabling comments on your site will also come in handy. Luckily, achieving this is not a very demanding task. In this article we will show you how to disable comments in WordPress.

Disable all Future Comments

In case you wish to disallow any future comments being left on your site, please navigate to Settings > Discussion. Here you should uncheck the two boxes as seen on the image below. The first one shows notifications from other blogs, while the second one prevents posting comments on any upcoming articles.


Deleting all Comments

Likewise, if you need to erase all the comments from your site, this can be done easily. Just navigate to Comments, select all and in the Bulk Actions dropdown at the top left, pick Move to Trash. This will effectively delete all the comments from all the authors.


Disable Comments on Posts

Similarly, you might want to remove comments from individual posts. To go about this, simply go to the post and scroll down to the Discussion field. Here you should uncheck the Allow comments box.


Another way to achieve this is to go to All Posts and click the Quick Edit next to a post. You will be able to see the Allow Comments box, which you should uncheck.


Finally, after you have unchecked the box, you should click the Update button on the bottom right.

Disable Comments on Multiple Posts

In addition, you can also choose a number of existing posts from the All Posts list to disallow comments on at the same time. Select all the posts you wish. Open the Bulk Actions dropdown in the top left, select Edit and click the Apply button.


After that you will be able to see the Comments option. Next pick Do not allow from the dropdown.


Lastly, click on the Update button at the bottom right to apply the changes you made.


In conclusion, if you ever run into a situation which demands you to stop future comments, remove existing comments, or delete all comments all together, this article will provide you with all the information you’ll need to do so.

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