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How to Easily Add Logo on Your WordPress Site

Displaying your logo on your site is one of the paramount, primary milestones in establishing a proper online identity. The WordPress site logo can make or break your overall image. Moreover, it plays a pretty key role in gaining as well as maintaining a solid position in the online market. In addition to this, it is synonymous with your website and your business.

We cannot overstate the importance of your site’s logo. The best part is you can make custom logo with online creators and place them anywhere on your website. This article will focus on showing you how to easily add logo on your WordPress site, regardless of whether you’re using Classic Editor or Gutenberg.

Adding the Logo

Adding a logo is very important, and here’s the good news; it’s also fairly straightforward.

As with most website requirements which are considered fairly basic in this day and age, you can easily add logo to your site. WordPress is streamlined to let you add your logo to your site with the utmost ease.

First off, you should navigate to Appearance > Customize from your website’s backend.

Appearance Customize

Now you are presented with a set of tabs with options. Click the Site Identity tab. This will get you to the screen where you can set up your logo.

Site Identity tab

At the top you’ll notice a box for adding your logo.

Box for adding your logo

To access the media library and upload your logo file, you should click the Select logo button.

Select logo

Here you can upload your logo file. Of course, you can also pick an image you have previously uploaded to your media library. In case you need to adjust your file by cropping it, you can also do that from this screen. If you think there is no need to crop the image, simply click the Skip Cropping button. This will take you to the next stage of the process.

Cropping logo

Now you can view the logo itself. Below the logo, you’ll have the option to Remove this file, or Change logo file if you choose to. However if you are satisfied with the logo, simply click the Publish button at the top right.

Publish logo

The process is almost finished. Now that you published the logo, you can return to the user dashboard. You can do this by merely clicking the X button located at the upper left of the screen.

Return to the user dashboard

Tip: Make your logo retina ready! Simply upload the logo in double the size from how it will appear on your live website. E.g. in the case logo size on your website would be 100x100px, just upload the logo with the size of 200x200px. This will effectively make your logo super sharp and it will look completely amazing on devices with retina-ready screens!


As you see, adding a logo on your WordPress site can play an important role in your overall branding. Besides logo, your WordPress title and a tagline have a special place in branding so don’t forget to change them.

Although you can basically put your logo anywhere on your site, our recommendation is to pay special attention to your footer area. If you have any doubts, first learn how to add footer in WordPress, and then simply choose the logo you want to display. Everything will be over in a few minutes, we promise!

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