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A Complete Guide to Instagram Feed Plugin

A Complete Guide to Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Plugin

With Instagram being the most popular photo and video-sharing social networking service on the web, it’s no wonder that both big brands and small businesses make sure to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. Instagram works on the principle of visual sharing, which makes this app a perfect place for individual users and big corporations alike. People love it because they get to share all that they’re about with the world by the means of pictures, while businesses use it because it can help give a distinct personality to their brand.

Just like sharing your website’s content on social media, having an instagram feed placed somewhere on your website or blog is also a great way for your visitors to learn more about you and engage them by showing the pictures related to your products. In order to showcase what you’re all about in the best way possible, having a clean and responsive feed is a must. And that’s exactly where Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Plugin can come in handy.

Not only is this plugin super simple to set up, but it also has a great number of options that will enable your feed to blend in with your website’s design flawlessly. We will tell you all that you need to know about Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed, previously known as Instagram feed plugin, and how to set it up properly in order to use its maximum potential. Although this amazing tool has recently changed its name it remained the same when it comes to its features and elements. We will take you through the whole process, step by step:

How to Access Smash Balloon Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed Plugin

After you download and install your Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed, you can access the Instagram Feed page on your WordPress Dashboard.

Access Instagram Feed Plugin

Then, a new screen will appear on which you’ll be able to see a few options, such as Configure, Customize, Display Your Feed, and Support.

Configure Tab: Connect Your Instagram Account to Your WordPress Site

This tab contains a couple of options that are necessary to set up before you start customizing your plugin.

  • Configure option lets you connect your Instagram account to your WordPress site. To do so, just click on the blue button that says Connect an Instagram Account. If you’re already logged in to your Instagram, then your feed will automatically connect to your WordPress website once you click this button.
  • Preserve settings when plugin is removed – checking this option allows you to keep all your settings even after you delete the plugin. In this way, if you end up installing the plugin again, all your options will already be set up.
  • Check for new posts every – this option lets you decide the time frequency at which you want your plugin cache cleaned so that your feed gets updated and displays any of your Instagram changes if there are any.
  • There is also a Hashtag option that you can only use if you pay for the pro version of the plugin.
Configure tab

In case the button for connecting your account is not working, just press the “Button not working?” option and you will be able to get Instagram Access Token from the plugin creators’ site which you will then insert manually.

Get Instagram Access Token

Customize Tab: Adjust the Plugin to Suit Your Needs

Customize tab contains all the settings that you need in order to completely adapt the Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Plugin to your needs. There are both basic and advanced settings. However, you can only access the latter if you pay for the pro version.

Here you get to choose the feed width and height, background color, the number of photos that you want displayed, whether you want to show ‘load more’ and ‘follow’ buttons, and more.

After you’re done with customizing Instagram Feed to your liking, don’t forget to Save Changes.

Plugin Customization Options

How to Display Your Feed

By using the shortcode, you can insert your Instagram feed anywhere you want on your site, whether it’s directly on a page, post, or in your sidebar as a widget. Here’s how the shortcode looks like:

[instagram-feed ShortcodeOption ShortcodeOption]

The basic shortcode is [instagram-feed]. If you put your code like this on your page, the Instagram feed that you will get is the one that you’ve already set up using the Customize option.

If, on the other hand, this isn’t enough for you and you wish to generate your own shortcode, you can find a list of all available shortcode options in the Display Your Feed tab:

Plugin Display Options

What you need to do is find the characteristics that you want your Instagram feed to have, and just add them to the code. For example:

[instagram-feed width=100 num=4 cols=2 colsmobile=1 showheader=false showfollow=true]

This is the shortcode that you can add to your page.

Add Shortcode

So, the allowed width of our Instagram feed will be 100%, and it will contain 4 pictures, 2 columns, one column on smaller devices, and its header won’t be displayed but it will contain a follow button. You can see how it looks like in the picture below:

Instagram feed

If you want to remove Load More button, you can add this shortcode:

[instagram-feed width=100 num=4 cols=2 colsmobile=1 showheader=false showfollow=true showbutton=false]

If you want to insert your Instagram Feed as a widget, then you need to do so in the Text field:

Instagram Feed Widget

And this is how your Smash Balloon Instagram widget would look like:

Instagram Feed Sidebar

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed on Mobile

When it comes to your website’s appearance on mobile devices, it’s very important to mention the Disable Mobile Layout option. You can find it in the Customize tab.

Disable Mobile Layout

The purpose of this option is to set whether your mobile will display as many columns of Instagram pictures as the big screen does. Imagine, for example, the case where you have 6 columns in your footer. This looks great on big devices, but it appears way too small on mobile phones.

Mobile Phones View

In case the number of columns is the same both on big screens and mobile devices, this means that the Disable Mobile Layout option is checked.

If you don’t want your pictures arranged into columns but want them lined up one below the other, then the only thing that you have to do is uncheck this field.

Instagram Plugin

If you plan to create your own shortcode, you can add disablemobile=true to your code. This will have the same effect as the check/uncheck field.

What You Get If You Go Pro

If you decide to buy a pro version of Instagram Feed plugin, there are plenty of other features that you get upon installation. Among other things, you will get to display hashtag feeds, filter your posts based on your hashtag or word, combine different feed types, display your likes and comments, play videos, etc. You can also set up multiple layout options, such as Grid, Carousel, Masonry, and Highlight.

Not only that, but you will also have an option of contacting the plugin’s friendly support team that is always on hand to help with any issue you may have. Plus, in case you’re not happy with the pro version, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Here’s a small glimpse of how your Instagram feed can look like with the pro version.

Carousel layout:

Premium Version Carousel


Premium Version Standard

In Conclusion

There is really no room for dilemma when it comes to putting your IG feed on your site. Instagram is a very powerful network and can only have a positive effect on your website ratings and visits. On the other hand, you can also use your site to promote your social media accounts, simply put – benefits go both ways. Now that you know how easy it is to use instagram plugins, and how necessary they are, wait no more and share your IG feed with your audience.


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