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How to Create WooCommerce Affiliate Products

How to Create WooCommerce Affiliate Products

If you run an online store, you’re probably familiar with affiliate marketing. However, if your main focus is selling your own products or different product brands directly on your site, you may need to hear a few words on affiliate marketing and its powerful potential. Basically, affiliate marketing is the process in which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing and selling third party products. As an affiliate, you will be able to choose products close to your niche, promote them in your shop, and earn a piece of the profit with each sale. All it takes is to link the product that’s on your site with the product on the seller’s website. The seller can be both a small family company or a large enterprise that’s a product creator or official retailer. The product you can sell as an affiliate can be everything from a physical simple product, and downloadable product, to virtual products. No matter what scenario is, in affiliate marketing, both sides are winning. You, by getting a commission for the product made or supplied by someone else, and the original seller that gets another marketing channel. If you’re considering stepping into affiliate marketing get the right affiliate marketing WordPress theme and keep reading. In this tutorial we will explain:

What are WooCommerce Affiliate Products?

WooCommerce affiliate/external product is any sort of item you can add to your site and your customers will purchase on another site . The key is in selling third party products someone else produced and that will be shipped and sent by that person. As you can see, this means you don’t have to worry about inventory, tax, and shipping . Since you don’t have any hidden costs, this is a great way for making some extra income. Choose the WooCommerce external product type that can be appealing to your customers and wait for what happens. Add the product’s image, describe it, and make sure the price on your website matches the price on the seller’s site. The price is the only product information that can’t be changed. However, you can name the product differently and slightly modify its description. Also, as you sell a third party WooCommerce external product, your purchase button should be changed from Add to cart into Click to Buy product (or something similar).

woocommerce affiliate products example

How to Add a WooCommerce Affiliate Product/WooCommerce External Product?

Like any other product type, WooCommerce affiliate product is added through the WordPress menu. Go to Products and click on Add New.

Add new product

Before everything else, add the product’s name, define clear and informative slug for better store SEO, and schedule the publishing date (the date when the product will be available for ordering). Make sure your slug follows the best seo for WooCommerce practices.

Basic product page informations

Although you sell a third-party product, you can add your own tags and categories . You can add them right away or do it later. The same applies to the product’s image. You can add it now or leave it for later, but our advice is to do it right away.

woocommerce affiliate products info

Now, choose the product type External/Affiliate product.

External Affiliate product

Affiliate Product Options

Adjust the product’s settings to make the shopping experience more enjoyable. Start with General options.

External Affiliate product options

As you can see WooCommerce external product type has some new options that should be filled in. In the first place, there is a field where you should insert the link to the seller’s site (product URL) . Also, you should insert a button text that will appear on your site .

External URL

Apart from these two options, everything else is the same as in General options for other product types.

Product Price

Set the regular product price and make sure it’s the same as on the seller’s site. Also, you can add the Sale price. It should also match the sale price on the seller’s site. Finally, you can schedule the sale price and define sale dates.


A stock-keeping unit (SKU) is a unique product number that allows vendors to automatically track the movement of inventory. You can add it for WooCommerce affiliate products as well.

Related products

WooCommerce affiliate products can appear as related products. If you want to offer versatile product options, go to the Linked Product tab, and add affiliate product you want to include in the related products on your product page. When it comes to related product type, you can set upsells not cross-sells related products.

Add Attributes to Affiliate Products

WooCommerce attributes are a great tool for providing additional product information such as color, dimensions, material. Don’t forget to add product attributes even when you’re selling third party products.

Enable Review or Not?

If you want to enable product reviews, you can do it in the Advanced option’s tab. Customer reviews can be great for boosting sales, but if the reviews are negative they can harm your sales.

Note: Manage stock – this option is seen on all other product types, but not in the affiliate product. As this option gives you insight into the number of products available in your stock, it’s not relevant in this context. Why? If we sell alliliate/external products from third party sites, we don’t have the information about the number of available products.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Affiliate marketing is popular for a reason. If you see your place in it, include WooCommerce external products in your shop and earn from each sale. It’s easy, stress-free and popular among many brands, so don’t miss out on a chance to get your piece of cake! Good luck!

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