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Customize WooCommerce Related Products Section to Maximise Sales

Customize WooCommerce Related Products Section to Maximise Sales

We live in an age when shopping is often enjoyed as a kind of sport or amusement, and marketing experts are pretty aware of that. Many of your customers may have a very precise idea of what they want to buy, but a lot of them simply like browsing your website and exploring your product portfolio. Even the ones who come to your page determent to buy only what they need will still get easily interested in a product that is complementary or alternative to the one they were looking for. There are plenty of ways to improve shopping experience for your customers, you can add WooCommerce attributes to the products, create variable products and a lot more. Showing related products improves user experience and also boosts your sales in a natural manner. If a customer doesn’t like the price or any other feature of the desired product he can compare it to some other similar one, and he is less likely to leave your site empty-handed. Plus, it is always easier to persuade a customer who is already buying from you to buy more, than to acquire a new customer.

Today we will show you how to add related products to your WooCommerce shop. If you think it requires special skills and knowledge, we have good news – you can do it all by yourself in a couple of simple steps. Read on to learn more about:

WooCommerce Related Product Options

Many WordPress themes already come with the related product functionality included by default on the product pages. This functionality works in such a way that it displays the products that fall into the same category or share the same tag or have some other characteristic in common with the featured product. As the site creators, we can’t influence what is being displayed as a related product.

Related products wordpress

Of course, some similar products will show up on the page. In our case, all the related products shown are from the same category – dresses.

But, what happens if we want to feature some other products as related products? WooCommerce has two options for that: Upsells and Cross-sells feature. Both of them imply that related products are added to a specific product. Both of these options can be found on the product itself, (regardless of the type of product) in the tab linked products.

Upsells and Cross sells WooCommerce

Upsells Products

These are the products that show up on the product page as related products under the section “You may also like”…

Upsells WooCommerce products

What you need to do, is to add the products that you want to be featured in this section to the upsells section. As you can notice, Related Products are still bellow. Depending on your WP theme, the default section may not show up when you add your own upsells products.

The products we add to the upsells section are in most cases, more expensive, more profitable, or of better quality. Depending on your WordPress template, they will be displayed on the product page below the product’s description.


Cross-sells are the products that show up as related products in the Cart when you are checking your order under the section “You may be interested in”…

Cross sells WooCommerce products

Just like the upsells, these products need to be added to the product itself in the Linked Products Tab. Apart from grouped WooCommerce product type, all the other product types have this option.

Cross-sells are usually complementary products. If for example, you are selling sunglasses, cross-sells might be sunglasses cloth pouches and cases. These products are promoted in the cart as they complement the product in the cart. Depending on your WP theme, they are displayed on the cart page below the products in the cart and with a thumbnail image.

Related Products Plugins

As we have mentioned, some themes already have related products feature as an integral part of their templates. In that case, related products are shown on the product page, usually below the product. But, the thing is, with this default option, you can not choose the products that will show up as related, which is limiting in many ways. So, if you want to have more control over the products that show up as related products, there are plenty of plugins that can help you make the most of this functionality. To help you narrow your choice, we handpicked the plugins that perfectly do the work:

1. Related Products for WooCommerce

Related Products for WooCommerce

The Related Products for WooCommerce plugin is a beginner-friendly easy to use tool with stellar ratings and more than 10,000 active installations. It lets you display the related products of your choice with or without a slider on every product page based on the product tag, category, or attribute. You can also set the related product heading and the number of related products you wish to be displayed. Using a simple shortcode, with this plugin you can also add related products to posts and widgets. Plus, if you find it necessary, you can always exclude taxonomies from your related products. All in all, this is a very effective, free tool.

2. Related Products for WooCommerce By WebToffee

Related Products for WooCommerce By WebToffee

This is also a great free plugin that allows you to choose the products you want to show up as related products. Its installation is quick and simple, and both beginner and advanced users will find it easy to use. Related Products for WooCommerce plugin provides you with the option to disable the default related products section so that the customer sees only the products that you selected as related. You can also associate related products by categories and tags. What’s also great about this plugin is that you can import related products in a variety of ways. For example, you can import products using product SKUs as well as using product IDs.

3. WPC Custom Related Products for WooCommerce

WPC Custom Related Products for WooCommerce

The WPC Custom Related Products for WooCommerce comes is a trusted plugin with excellent ratings and more than 7000 active downloads. It comes in a free and a premium version. The free version offers pretty much the same features as the plugins we already mentioned – instead of displaying the same categories of products you can select which products you want to show as related products. The pro version allows you to change the default related products heading title, show related products in slider format, hide default related products, and more.

4. WPB Related Products Slider for WooCommerce

WPB Related Products Slider for WooCommerce

The WPB Related Products Slider for WooCommerce plugin is a great user-friendly plugin that also comes in a free and a premium version. It will help you replace the default WooCommerce related products section with a slider containing related products of your choice. The elegant and practical design of the slider easily fits with all kinds of online stores. You also have some customization options at your disposal so that you can adjust the slider look to match your style better. The plugin is also responsive, so you can be sure your page will look equally well regardless of the screen size.

5. Woocommerce Related Products Plugin, Upsell / Cross-Sell Recommendation

Woocommerce Related Products Plugin

The WooCommerce Related Products plugin is a great, premium plugin that offers many practical features to help you maximize your site’s sale potential. It allows you to display a selection of related products on every product details page, add multiple products that are frequently bought together, and recommend a combination of products. Related products are displayed in a widget that you can add at any part on your landing pages, or in a footer column, sidebar, or any other attention-grabbing spot. The widget also comes with some customization options. You can write a custom description and title, select the number of related products that will show up, and a lot more.

In Conclusion

Now, if you know your customers well, you know which products may draw their attention. Use that knowledge to maximize your sales by suggesting to them exactly what they need even before they think of it. But, if your business doesn’t require these sorts of products, you can easily remove related products in WooCommerce. Already have some experience with customized related products? Share it with us in the comment section, we look forward to hearing from you!

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