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WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you already used some of the WordPress keyboard shortcuts? If your answer is no, maybe now is the right time to try! When you need to be effective and save time while writing new posts in WordPress, these shortcuts can be really practical. No matter what kind of action you want to take, WordPress keyboard shortcuts can help you do it faster and easier. In this article, you will learn more about WordPress keyboard shortcuts that can help you speed up your writing process.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Visual Post Editor

WordPress comes with a rich text editor with formatting button much like MS Office. It appears on the Visual tab in WordPress post editor. Thanks to WordPress keyboard shortcuts you can skip using the mouse to access these formatting buttons on the editor. When you start to use keyboard shortcuts, you can not only edit posts quicker but skip the potential mistakes as well. If you are one of the Mac users, use Command key instead of CTRL, to create these shortcuts.

  • Ctrl + b = Bold
  • Ctrl + i = Italic
  • Ctrl + c = Copy
  • Ctrl + v = Paste
  • Ctrl + x = Cut
  • Ctrl + a = Select All
  • Ctrl + z = Undo
  • Ctrl + y = Redo
  • Ctrl + [number] = Insert heading sizes, e.g. CTRL+1 = <h1>, CTRL+2 = <h2>.
  • Alt + Shift + n = Check Spelling
  • Alt + Shift + l = Align Left
  • Alt + Shift + j = Justify Text
  • Alt + Shift + c = Align Center
  • Alt + Shift + d = Strikethrough
  • Alt + Shift + r = Align Right
  • Alt + Shift + u = Unordered List
  • Alt + Shift + a = Insert link
  • Alt + Shift + o = Numeric List
  • Alt + Shift + s = Remove link
  • Alt + Shift + q = Quote
  • Alt + Shift + m = Insert Image
  • Alt + Shift + w = Full screen distraction free writing mode
  • Alt + Shift + t = Insert More Tag
  • Alt + Shift + p = Insert Page Break tag
  • Alt + Shift + h = Rich text editor help

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Plain Text Editor

Right under the Text tab is a plain text editor that has some basic formatting buttons. Shortcuts for plain text editor in WordPress are not so numerous, but we believe you can find their place in your writing practice.

  • Ctrl + c = Copy
  • Ctrl + v = Paste
  • Ctrl + x = Cut
  • Ctrl + z = Undo
  • Ctrl + y = Redo
  • Ctrl + p = Print
  • Alt + Shift + p = Publish
  • Alt + Shift + f = Fullscreen distraction free writing

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments Screen

Readers’ comments on your posts are an integral part of every blog writing. But, in a case you receive a lot of comments then you can use keyboard shortcuts for their management. Since these shortcuts are not enabled by default, you should go to Users » Your Profile and check Keyboard Shortcuts. After you save the changes, the following shortcuts will be available:

  • J = Next comment (moves the current selection down)
  • K = Previous comment (moves the current selection up)
  • A = Approve comment
  • U = Don’t approve comment
  • D = Delete comment
  • R = Reply comment
  • Q = Quick edit a comment
  • Z = Restore Comment from Trash or Undo if you Delete a comment

We hope you find this text useful. So, have fun, try these combinations, and find your new favorite keyboard shortcut.

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