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How to Get WordPress User ID

During your work in WordPress, a situation may occur that will require of you to find user’s ID. In short, an ID is a number that has a purpose of identifying specific item in database of WordPress, in this case a user ID. No matter what this number represents or what user role a specific user has, it’s always unique.
In this tutorial, we have decided to show you a simple way to find user ID in WordPress.

Step 1

You can find a user ID by selecting Users option and clicking on All Users button.

user id wordpress

Step 2

Once there, find the user whose ID you want to see and select Edit.

user wordpress

Step 3

After user’s profile opens, you should look for user_id=number in the URL.

user wordpress id number

WordPress will open the user’s profile and you can get the user ID from browser’s address bar.

The process is similar if you want to get your own user ID. To do this, go to Users >> All Users. In an author’s list you will find your own name and the number of posts you’ve written. You should click on the post number.

user wordpress number

You will be able to find your user id in the address bar under the name of author=number.

user wordpress number id

And that’s how you find user ID in WordPress. In our opinion, it can’t be simpler than this.

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