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Interested in writing an article for us? Read on to find out how you can be published on WPKlik.

About WPKlik

WPKlik is a place where you can find information on everything concerning WordPress. We provide tutorials on a wide range of WordPress-related topics: from tips for getting started and tutorials on how to customize your WordPress website, to more advanced topics suitable for those who know coding.

In addition, we regularly research the market for the best and most popular WordPress themes and plugins and do thorough reviews on both. Last but not least, we also offer useful tips and tricks for blogging beginners, as well as advice on how to optimize your site for search engines.

Our audience varies from complete WordPress novices and aspiring bloggers to more advanced users and business professionals. We write our articles with this broad spectrum of people in mind so as to cover everyone’s needs to the best of our ability.

Article Requirements

Any article that is informative, well-researched and up-to-date with current WordPress trends is an article that has great chances of being published on WPKlik.

If you wish to submit to us, your article must be:

  1. Relevant – as WPKlik is a WordPress database first and foremost, this means that we will only accept WordPress or blogging related articles. Also, keep in mind that your article should contain well-researched and accurate information, as well as compelling arguments on the topic.
    You can write about:
  • Plugin reviews and tutorials
  • Theme reviews (free and premium)
  • Tutorials concerning the WordPress core
  • Blogging tips and advice
  • SEO tips and tricks

If you’re still not completely sure about whether the topic you have in mind is appropriate for publication on WPKlik, you can start from here and check out some of our most relevant articles.

  1. Original – when writing an article for us, keep in mind that we do not publish content that have already been published elsewhere. Any copied or reused content will immediately be declined. We will check for plagiarism, so if you want to get published with us, make sure to avoid doing this.
  2. Thorough: at least 1200 words or more. The more detailed your article is, the better.
  3. High-quality – here at WPKlik, high quality is a must. This means that you should take extra measures so that your article is proofread and free of grammatical errors before you submit it to us. Articles that we post must provide value to our readers, therefore low-quality articles filled with spam links won’t be accepted.
  4. Devoid of promotion – our ultimate goal is strictly to inform our audience. With that in mind, your article must not contain any promotional content. Similarly, any article that does not follow Google’s link guidelines won’t get published on our site.
  5. Equipped with external links – every article must contain relevant references that back up the claims made in the text. This gives your article more credibility, and it’s also good for Search Engine Optimization. When submitting an article to us, see that it has at least 4 external links. Just make sure that the external links you’ll be including provide related, high-quality information to the readers (we will check). We don’t accept affiliate links or those that redirect to other sites.
  6. At least one internal link – all submitted articles must contain at least one link to some other article published on WPKlik. As with all links, it needs to naturally fit within the context of the article.
  7. Submitted with images – tutorial articles should contain accompanying images / screenshots of the steps the tutorial talks about. Theme lists and reviews should contain screenshots of the themes(s) you are discussing. All images should be at least 1000px wide. If you send us any additional images (stock photos, etc.), please provide evidence that you have usage rights for them.

What your submission must contain

Here’s what you need to include when submitting an article to us:

  1. The article – please send it as a Microsoft Word file or an editable Google document.
  2. Your bio – along with your article, you should attach a short but informative biography, and no more than 1 link leading to your business or personal website.
  3. A photo – please submit a photo of yourself that we can add to your bio.

What you get from writing for us

  1. Author recognition – we will publish your name, photo and author bio on our site.
  2. Promotion on our WPKlik social media channels.
  3. Exposure to a niche-oriented audience – this will give you bigger chances to increase your site traffic and bring awareness to you and/or your brand.

What to do from here

If you’ve read our article submission guidelines and are interested in submitting your article to us, we invite you to send your submission via email to [email protected].

What’s our publishing process?

Once your application gets accepted, someone from our team will contact you with additional instructions about your submission.

After we receive your submission, one of our WPKlik editors will examine it according to the above-stated requirements. There’s a chance that we may ask you to make some additional modifications to your article before posting it. Furthermore, we may modify some parts of the submitted article (as well as the links) ourselves if we deem it necessary. You should also keep in mind that submitting an article does not guarantee it will be published. Any articles that do not stick to the guidelines listed above will be denied.

If you end up meeting our requirements and your article gets accepted, we will send you a link to the article as soon as it gets published.

One final thing – even though we do our best to respond to each submission as soon as possible, some delays can still happen, especially if we need to evaluate many submissions at once. That’s why we ask you to give us five days to send our response. If you don’t hear from us within that time period, feel free to remind us via email at [email protected].

We can’t wait to hear from you!