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How to Increase the Resolution of an Image in Photoshop

The quality of images on your WordPress website is one of the things that your visitors will notice immediately. Poor image quality is likely to put your visitors off, and you may even lose some considerable traffic.

One of the most important factors that determine the quality of an image is its resolution. By “resolution” we mean the number of pixels per inch (ppi) in an image. The higher the resolution, the more pixels there are per inch and the image is sharper. However, the higher resolution also means a larger file size, so this is something you will have to compromise over.

Either way, you will definitely want to learn how to increase resolution of image so that you can optimize the picture quality.
Let’s take a look at how to do this in Photoshop.


Step 1

Open the image in Photoshop. Next, open the Image Size dialog box (Image->Image Size).


Step 2

Under Document Size, you will see the Resolution field. This is where you will enter the desired resolution value.


Step 3

Before you assign a new resolution value, you need to decide whether you want to change the pixel dimensions or not. If you want them to stay the same, make sure to uncheck the Resample Image box.


Step 4

Change the image resolution by entering the desired value. Notice how pixel dimensions remain the same as you change the resolution.


Step 5

If you want to change pixel dimensions, leave the Resample Image box checked. The dimensions will change as you change the resolution value.

Step 6

Click OK and save your image.

That’s all you need to know on how to increase resolution of an image. These six easy steps will get you a long way in optimizing the way your images look and perform on your WordPress website. Remember that higher resolution always looks better, but also entails a larger file size, meaning your website will load slower. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, now that you have the tools and the know-how.

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