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WordPress Themes for DJs and Nightlife

Best Responsive DJ WordPress Themes (Ultimate Checklist)

No musician can survive without a proper web presentation these days. This is particularly true for DJs, who rely a great deal on their online presence. A website, a Mixcloud profile, perhaps a page on Resident Advisor…not to mention social media. Still, the official website is the “home” of a DJ, a place that encompasses all other online places and provides a singular insight into what a DJ is all about, where you can see him spin, buy his music, and so on.

WordPress is a terrific platform for DJs, electronic musicians, club promoters and artists in general. It allows them to showcase their music, their fresh mixes, to promote gigs and get in touch with their fanbase. Still, not all WordPress themes are equally suitable for this purpose. There are some things that a theme should have in order to work in the absolute favor of a DJ and his quest to stardom, and in this article we’re going to go through some of them.

Homepage – The Essential Info

The homepage is where all visitors navigate when they need information or music from a DJ. As Internet users, we are used to getting to the homepage first and then starting from there. Therefore, the good homepage for a DJ or an electronic musician should, above all, be informative.

Let’s take, for example, David Guetta’s official website. The moment you land on it, all the relevant information is there, in places where we’d expect them to be. The links to his latest releases are clearly marked and basically unmissable. Clicking on them takes us to each of the releases’ pages, with detailed information and, of course, links to where we can purchase them. The most popular DJ in the world made sure nothing on his website is ever more than two clicks away. But he did so with the help of an amazing, comprehensive and robust theme for DJs and artists, the Mixtape.

David Guetta

Thanks to this theme, Guetta was able to place links to his music in the center of attention, without seeming pushy or cheap. Just a quick scroll down the homepage we find clearly displayed tour dates with links for purchasing tickets, and further down there are blog posts containing all the news the celebrated DJ decides to share with the world.

Music and Mixes

It’s always a good idea to allow your visitors to listen to your mixes directly on your website. Of course, those who are truly interested in hearing them won’t mind making a quick trip to Mixcloud or SoundCloud or wherever you have uploaded your music. Still, it’s always a nice touch to have these embedded in your website, so visitors can listen to your music while browsing your pages.

The restless Steve Aoki, for instance, has a WordPress website on which the mixes and tracks are embedded directly to the site, in the middle of the homepage, using a SoundCloud widget shortcode. It’s dead simple, yet so effective.

Aoki WordPress Website

Other artists may opt to place their music in a separate page, linked in the header. This is a good solution too, especially for those who want to avoid overstuffing their homepage with too much content.

In addition to embedding Mixcloud, SoundCloud or YouTube, which are the most popular services for hosting music, you can also use the WordPress native media upload functionality. This simple solution allows you to add single tracks or to create playlists, similarly to image galleries.

Photos and Videos

Visual identity is almost as important for a DJ as his or her music is. Club culture is all about the vibe and you, as a DJ, have to make sure yours is clear to everyone. Therefore, you need a lot of good promo photos and, of course, videos, both official and live ones. People want to see what you look like, what your aesthetic is and what they can expect from your live acts.

Again, you can opt to display these somewhere on your homepage, perhaps by embedding a cool photo/video gallery with sliders and effects, or you can dedicate a separate page for this purpose. The charming Miss Kittin, for example, has a section of her homepage called Kittin TV, where you can find embedded YouTube videos.

Miss Kittin


Naturally, when you’re a DJ, your fans want to know all about you – where you grew up, where you went to school, when was your first gig, which odd jobs did you do prior to becoming a DJ, and so on. For that, you need a good Bio page. Again, it can be a separate page, or it can be part of your homepage. Some DJs opt for one-page websites, but in most cases, Bio has a dedicated page, just like other vital sections.

The legendary Armin Van Buuren has a terrific bio page, with a really flattering close-up picture of him, some well-written biographic content and a section with all the awards and milestones on the side.

Armin van Buuren

The whole point here is to make your biographic information clear, presented in a way that will entice readers to go through it all, instead of just skimming. A good WordPress theme for DJs should offer different design and graphics options for this, so that you can decide what works the best for you.

Shows and Events

Another important thing that your visitors will be checking right after they arrive at your website is when’s your next gig. You need to display your tour dates, live show dates and events very clearly. This is essential information that simply must not be missed.

We have to make the example of David Guetta’s page again for this one since we really like the way the theme displays events. Everything is just so clear. Event dates and venue locations are clear and there is a link for purchasing tickets right there in plain sight. Even if you’re selling tickets through a third party ticket service, which you probably are, your visitors are going to appreciate a clear and quick link.

Tour Dates Page


Many DJs and producers have their own merch they, naturally, want to sell. What better way than to do it through your website? With WordPress, you can easily set up and run a successful online store. You just need to make sure your theme is optimized for e-commerce. It should be WooCommerce-compatible and the Store page should have neat and functional design. A good example of such a page is Nicole Moudaber’s website, which has a very cool looking online store. It is clean, easy to use and completely in tune with the rest of the website, and with Moudaber’s esthetics in general.

Nicole Moudaber Store

Contact and Booking

It goes without saying that your WordPress theme for DJs should help you get in touch with your fans in a single click. In most cases, DJs opt for a separate contact page, although, again, the contact form can also be placed at the bottom of your homepage. Anything goes, as long as it is clearly marked and visible.

Your contact form should be short and not too demanding. Users hate it when they have to put too much information in there. Of course, you need to protect yourself from bots and spammers, so make sure to use a contact form with reCAPTCHA and an integrated spam filter.

The Grammy-nominated New York Dj Denny Tenaglia has a terrific WordPress website with a very good example of what a proper contact page should look like. You’ll notice some quick links to the right of the contact page – this is a very nice touch since it allows users to quickly navigate to other important locations on your site without getting annoyed.

Denny Tenaglia Contact DJ Page

Booking info is another essential part of a DJs official website. As a DJ, your goal is to perform as much as you can, right? So make sure to display your booking info in a clear manner.

Social Links

Finally, let’s not forget about the social. Your fans most likely have at least one social network account and you want to make sure they follow you on there. You can add social widgets, feeds or simple buttons. The choice is yours, as long as your site visitors have an easy time accessing your social profiles.

Markus Schultz did an excellent job in that department. He decided to place the social buttons right there at the header, where you simply cannot miss them. All of his social network profiles are a click away, whether you want to follow him on Facebook and Twitter, check out his music on Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud, or check out his Instagram pics and stories.

Social Markus Schulz

Being a DJ is a constant struggle. You struggle to reach an audience, to keep them engaged, to entertain them, to keep them coming for more. Obviously, your music, your remixes and live acts are your most important instrument and yes, you should focus all your attention there. Your website, on the other hand, should be your best ally and your strongest aide. To make this happen, you need a WordPress theme that works in your favor. Therefore, we absolutely understand if you still find it hard to choose a WP theme. If you feel there’s more out there to see, record label WP templates usually have all the features and functionalities that you need, so you may also consider some of them for your site.

We have listed here some of the things you should include in your checklist when looking for the ideal WordPress theme for your DJ website. Consider them as the essentials, things that your site simply cannot do without. From there, go and add whatever else you want, fix your site to match your style, go crazy. The point is, whatever you decide to do, your WordPress theme should allow you flexibility and freedom of choice to display your content exactly the way you want it.

The Best DJ WordPress Themes

Clubbing and nightlife represent a very important entertainment industry. “Ain’t no business like show business,” they say, and they’re right. DJing, club performances, parties and remix releases can generate a nice lump of cash, if you play your cards right. But in order to do so, you need to establish a powerful, impressive online presence. Your official website as a DJ or a club promoter is essential in that sense. Plus, there are some things that are simply essential for creating an efficient DJ website, that you need to be aware of and to master.

Realizing that there probably aren’t that many DJs around who possess the actual web design and coding skills, we have decided to throw together a short list of the best WordPress themes for DJs and nightlife. WordPress is an excellent resource for any artist or business, and with a proper theme, you can expand your reach, cultivate your brand and grow.

1. Mixtape – Music Theme for Artists, Bands, and Festivals

Mixtape WordPress Theme

There’s hardly a WordPress theme around that understands the needs of DJs, producers, promoters and club owners better than Mixtape. This vibrant, youthful theme offers a completely fresh take on classic design for DJs and club culture in general. No more pitch-black contrasted with cheesy neon. The color scheme is bold but smart, and even if it doesn’t fit your style, you can customize it just the way you like it.

On the more technical note, Mixtape is packed with juicy features you will love making use of. You can do so much with this theme. For instance, you can opt to embed a music player of your choosing, to display events as a list or a single page, to sell tickets, merch, display your releases in a visually exciting manner, share your blog posts and create gorgeous galleries. Whatever you feel is the most urgent to put out there for the world to see, Mixtape will basically do it for you.

Features that make Mixtape the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Free Premium Plugins (Visual Composer, Slider Revolution)
  • Add Lyrics to Albums
  • Easy Integration With Music Platforms
  • SEO Optimized
  • WooCommerce Compatible

2. Offbeat – Nightlife, Pubs & Concerts Theme

Offbeat theme

An excellent choice for nightlife establishments, clubs, promoters, bands and bars, Offbeat is a theme that comes packed with a selection of useful inner pages and excellent homepages, all ready to use. With portfolio, blog, shop and contact pages that will stun your visitors, Offbeat offers full functionality. There are also useful reservation pages and booking forms your visitors can use to easily book a spot at your club or a bar. You can also sell tickets for your events directly from your website, all thanks to the excellent OpenTable plugin that comes with this theme.

The design is smart, easily customizable and quite hip. The theme is responsive and retina ready, guaranteed to look amazing on your visitors’ smartphones and tablets alike. From parallax sections to image marquee, animations and multiple layout choices, you can use this theme to create a unique website that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who stumbles upon it.

Features that make Offbeat the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Multiple Icon Font Packs
  • Integrated Reservation Form
  • Multiple Custom Post Formats
  • Customizable Mega Menu
  • User-Friendly 1-Click Import

3. Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


One of the all-time bestselling WordPress themes, Bridge is the undisputed champion of design, responsiveness, functionality, and ease of use. This incredible multi-purpose theme comes with over 400 predesigned websites for all sorts of niches and industries. One of them is designed specifically for nightlife, clubbing, DJing and entertainment and it is an absolute gem.

With this theme, you get a modern, cool design and the ability to display your content in a way that spells professionalism and hipness and promises good times. You can easily customize all elements of your website, display your tour dates, events, book and sell tickets, showcase tracks and display photos from your gigs and events in cool galleries with awesome effects. Let’s not forget the importance of social sharing, which is fully enabled and optimized in this theme. And last but not least, Bridge integrates with the leading page builder – Elementor.

Features that make Bridge the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Robust Admin Panel
  • Automatic Updates
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorials
  • Timetable, Visual Composer, Slider Revolution Plugins
  • Extremely Customizable

4. Beats WordPress Theme

Beats WordPress Theme

DJs need to stand out to attract attention and reach new listeners. This fully responsive theme, designed particularly for the music industry, offers tons of options you can use to present your songs, audio content, gigs, and concerts. For starters, you can introduce yourself with a creative biography that can include your social media links or newsletter subscription form. Next, you can showcase your daily, weekly, or monthly playlists so anyone can enjoy while listening to different music genres. On top of this, you can add unlimited music albums and audio mixes. Beats theme is packed with Ajax player so you can allow your listeners and fans to listen to your compilations without distractions. Besides this, you can sell your merch since this theme covers essential eCommerce features and layouts. In other words, you can sell your music events tickets, album tracks, or branded clothing line with complete ease – Beats is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Lastly, this theme is compatible with Elementor page builder, so building and customizing web pages is a piece of cake.

Features that make Beats the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Powerful player
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Continuous Audio Playback
  • AJAX-Powered WordPress theme

5. Miami – Disco Night Club WordPress

Miami Template

Miami is a mighty WordPress theme that was designed specifically with nightclubs, concert halls and festivals in mind. It is ideal for electronic music clubs, disco clubs and similar nightlife venues. As for the aesthetics, the name of the theme really says it all. It is the essence of the Miami nightlife in all its dark, purple, pink and gold glory. In addition to a fitting and enticing design, Miami is also a full-featured, robust and responsive theme. It provides everything you need to promote your shows, events, gigs, special events and what not. Displaying your artist info, discography, bio and tracks is easy, and you get to use a number of shortcodes for additional functionalities you want to add to your site.

The Contact page lets you create engaging contact forms and display all the relevant info regarding opening hours and such. It’s also a place where your visitors can ask questions regarding your club. All in all, with Miami, you get absolutely everything you need for a successful nightlife venue.

Features that make Miami the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Call To Action
  • Excellent Support
  • Unlimited Options for Page Title
  • Customizable Google Maps
  • Testimonials

6. Meloo – Music Producers, DJ & Events Theme for WordPress

Meloo Website Theme

This exciting theme is fully equipped with all the necessities a music producer, a DJ or a record company might need. With a decisively modern vibe and edgy design, Meloo comes with several predefined demos you can use for your DJ or clubbing website. One of the things that sets Meloo apart from other themes in this genre is the fact it was built with Ajax. This means that if you want users to listen to your tracks while browsing the site, you can set it so it doesn’t stop even when they navigate to a different page. This is a terrific feature that guarantees an immersive browsing and listening experience and captivates your visitors.

In addition to being a feature-rich responsive theme, Meloo is also very easy to use. It comes with the Front End King Composer Pro Builder bundled in for free. Therefore, even if you have no previous experience with WordPress, you should be able to customize your site with no effort at all.

Features that make Meloo the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Built-in Event Manager
  • Google AdSense
  • MailChimp Integrated
  • Review System From Posts
  • Built-In Music Player

7. Noizzy – Music Band Theme

Noizzy Music WordPress Theme

Let’ hear some noise for a theme every musician dreams of! Noizzy is a mixture of modern design and powerful features made in particular for music bands. Let’s start from its elements created with musicians in mind. At first place, Noizzy includes some amazing layouts you can use to share your full discography. For example, you can choose from easy-to-customize album pages where you can feature your latest songs or even enable purchases. Also, there are some great event page layouts ideal for announcing details about your show. Just add the location, date, or any other relevant info about each venue. Next, Noizzy is equipped with striking tour templates. Use them to get the crowd excited about your upcoming tour – simple add dates, ticket availability & connect gigs to sales websites. This theme allows you to promote your beats with a music player you can add to any section of your website. In addition, you can, as well, embed your playlist from some of the world’s most popular music platforms. Finally, Noizzy comes with a large set of blog & shop elements so you can be sure your music site is professional in every aspect.

Features that make Noizzy the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Easy-to-Use Powerful Admin Interface
  • One-Click Import of Demo Site
  • 9 Homepage Examples
  • Beautiful and Practical Inner Page Templates
  • Large Collection of Custom Shortcodes
  • Events Custom Post Type

8. Creedence – Music Band, Singer & Producer Theme

Creedence Music WordPress Theme

Music sounds better with Creedence – a theme created especially for DJs, bands, singers and music producers. A lot of attention is paid to templates here. This means you can not only present your music work in striking manner, but customize each layout to your preferences. Firstly, there is a set of discography styles ideal for displaying your discography catalog. In other words, you can create detailed album showcases in literary no time. Moreover, Creedence is equipped with stunning tours & events pages made to help you announce your upcoming shows & events. But what every musician needs is an original way to present his/her works. Thanks to Creedence’s detailed album presentation templates, you can share all the info about your releases, display the covert art, lyrics or let visitors play or download tracks. In a case you want to sell your tracks, just connect them with a variety of music shop platforms including App Store, Google Play, etc. This theme also allows you to embed your playlists from Bandcamp, Spotify or SoundCloud. It’s super easy.

Features that make Creedence the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Events Custom Post Type
  • Albums Custom Post Type
  • Ticket Status for Events
  • Custom Map Pins for Events
  • 4 Album Layouts
  • Add Lyrics to Albums
  • A Variety of Music Shop Platforms

9. DJ Rainflow – A Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme

DJ Rainflow Music WordPress Theme

DJ Rainflow is quite an interesting music theme. It offers 3 homepage layouts with all essential options one musician may need. Use them to share info about compilations, discography or your upcoming music events. Apart from this, DJ Rainflow covers beautiful premade pages you can use to present your services, share biography or even create a portfolio. Included with the theme are some amazing photo and video galleries. With them, you can share the atmosphere from your concerts, DJ sets or music festivals. But what we really like about this theme is its simple event management system. At first place, the theme supports Events Calendar plugin which is crucial for announcing tour details. Have in mind that this theme is translation ready and WooCommerce compatible, meaning you can reach music fans all over the world. Lastly, DJ Rainflow has frequent automatic updates so you may be sure your website is always ready to rock.

Features that make DJ Rainflow the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Essential Grid
  • Instagram Feed
  • MailChimp for WP
  • Events Calendar
  • WooCommerce
  • Professional Design
  • One-Click Demo Install

10. Shuffle – Music Band, Store & Label Theme

Shuffle Music WordPress Theme

When it comes to the perfect combo of design and high-end functionalities, Shuffle is an absolute winner. From dark, vibrant or light color schemes to endless font styles, this theme covers a wide array of elements made to transform your music presentation. For starters, this theme is decked out with beautifully designed album pages. They’re completely dedicated to showcasing your albums. This is great since you can easily enable song download and purchases, display lyrics, and much more. One of the things that impressed us about Shuffle is its collection of useful features. Let’s start from music playlists. With this theme, you can organize your music into playlists and stream it from any page on your site via various music players. Furthermore, there is a detailed tour schedule option thanks to which you can share the crucial details about all of your gigs, including locations, ticket availability, etc. Another option worth mentioning is dedicated to everyone who wants to get tickets to your gigs online. All it takes is to connect your events pages to sales websites.

Features that make Shuffle the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Zoom animations on Edge Slider Images
  • Parallax Effect on Edge Slider
  • Events Custom Post Type
  • Albums Custom Post Type
  • Ticket Status for Events

11. Music Club – Band & DJ

Music Club Music WordPress Theme

Welcome to your favorite Music Club! This theme is packed with all the necessities a music band, DJ, musician & music company may need. With its carefully designed collection of templates you can spread your music vibe with ease. Music Club comes with easy-to-customize, ready-made demo content. Thanks to one-click import functionality you can get your music presentation ready in minutes. Besides modern, versatile layouts, the theme covers some really great features. Our favorite is a practical cost calculator made particularly for music studios and song makers. It allows clients to choose the type of production or recording service, and audio duration so they can get a total price for one arrangement. If the price works for them, they can book it immediately. Also, there is a calendar ideal for displaying the tour dates in a pro manner. Apart from this, Music Club brings various blog and shop elements.

Features that make Music Club the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Business-Oriented Custom Icon Sets
  • Various Header Layouts Including Sticky Header
  • Full Width and Boxed Pages and Headers
  • Lightning-Fast Page Builder
  • Portfolio Shortcode for Static Pages and Blog Posts

12. Rebellion – Theme for Music Bands & Record Labels

Rebellion Theme

Rebellion is made by heavy music lovers for heavy music lovers. And it can be seen in its every detail. Whether you prefer dark design style or you want a clean, light variant, Rebellion gets you covered. Plus, each template is not only amazing in the visual aspect, but practical as well. Use tour or discography layouts to share details about future gigs and upcoming singles, albums or remixes. Besides ready-to-go templates, Rebellion includes a vast set of flexible features. For example, you can create image galleries that are especially powerful tool for sharing the most precious moments from your musical career. Also, you can share videos, playlists or tracks. Rebellion allows you to embed famous music players anywhere on your website.

Features that make Rebellion the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Custom Map Pins for Events
  • 3 Album Layouts
  • Add Lyrics to Albums

13. Polyphonic – Music Band, Artist & Musician Theme

Polyphonic Music WordPress Theme

This responsive, SEO & translation ready theme is not only designed to impress with its amazing layouts, but is extremely easy to use. Polyphonic comes with some practical homepage templates organized to match the needs of any musician. Share your bio, projects you work on or introduce your band with amazing Parallax showcase and Vertical showcase layouts. There is also a captivating Artist home ideal for detailed presentation for independent musicians. The great thing about this theme is the fact you can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, add playlists from a variety of supported music platforms or allow fans to listen to their favorite tracks directly on your website. In the end, Polyphonic is a great choice if you want to start a blog or to sell products online.

Features that make Polyphonic the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Events Custom Post Type
  • Albums Custom Post Type
  • Ticket Status for Events
  • Custom Map Pins for Events

14. Vibra – Music Theme for DJs, Artists and Festivals

Vibra WordPress Theme

Vibra is a theme created for DJs, music artists, music festivals, and record labels. With a color scheme and gradient effects creating the atmosphere of nightclubs and neon lights, you’re bound to immerse your website visitors into a fascinating journey of discovering your music.

With this DJ WordPress theme, you get nine homepage layouts built specifically for the needs of bands, artists promoting their latest music, music festivals, and other projects. Check out a Festival homepage with a countdown banner and animated artists showcase or go with a practical album showcase that puts your latest work in the spotlight with a split screen.

Apart from great design, you also get practical features such as discography, events and tours, support for various music platforms, and shop.

Features that make Vibra the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Connect With a Variety of Music Shop Platforms
  • Album Player Shortcode
  • Bandsintown Events Shortcode
  • Collection of Infographic Shortcodes
  • 5 Search Types

15. The Pasquales – Music Band, DJ and Artist WP Theme

The Pasquales Music WordPress Theme

No matter which music field you come from, The Pasquales has variety options to offer. This flexible, feature-rich theme is packed with a large number of elements and plugins. Included with the theme are 5 carefully-designed homepages, as well as many portfolio & blog styles. Events Calendar plugin is fully integrated, so you can announce your upcoming shows & events with no effort. Another feature any musician needs is an online music player. With it, your fans can listen to your new tracks, concert recordings or even full albums. They can choose to loop the whole album or shuffle songs. But this isn’t all. You can sell your album or other music-related products since this theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin.

Features that make Pasquales the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Custom Page Backgrounds
  • 5 Homepages
  • Events Calendar Plugin
  • Portfolio & Blog Layouts
  • Online Music Player

16. Acidum – Night Club and DJ WordPress Theme

Acidum Music WordPress Theme

What makes Acidium unique is its vibrant design. It’s packed with a modern collection of templates including blog, gallery and shop styles. There are, as well, 2 different homepages –first with video background and second dedicated to detailed DJ presentation. Moreover, Acidium is equipped with amazing parallax sections and animation effects that can upgrade your website pages. This theme is both SEO friendly and MailChimp ready. This means your website will be well ranked on Google. Also, you can share your newsletters or run successful email campaigns with powerful MailChimp options. At last, in a case you need any assistance, you can always contact a professional & fast support team.

Features that make Acidium the best WordPress theme for DJs and nightlife:

  • Amazing Parallax Effects
  • SEO Friendly
  • Well Organized and Valid Code
  • Google Fonts
  • WPML Ready
  • Visual Composer Compatible
  • 20+ Custom Visualcomposer Elements


Certain things are a must-have for a proper DJ or nightlife WordPress site. We have searched far and wide across the WordPress theme market to come up with a list of themes that cover all the essentials one might need for such a website. Remember, as a DJ or a club promoter, you need to be modern, dynamic and efficient. And that’s precisely what you want your website to be like, too.

We hope that you found this article to be helpful. If you liked it, please feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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