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Top 5 Websites with Parallax Scrolling

Top 5 Examples of Parallax Scrolling Websites to Stimulate Creativity

Adding some sort of parallax effect has almost become a norm for WordPress theme developers. Parallax scrolling is just exceptionally popular. That’s why we decided to throw together a short list of the best parallax scrolling website examples. That way you get to see it in action and decide if it is a good choice for your site.

Parallax scrolling, in short, is that effect you see so often on websites that makes everything look like it has depth and like everything on the page is somehow floating. It adds a nice dynamic touch to the page, among other things. Plus, it is a powerful storytelling and user engagement tool.

If you’re wondering what parallax scrolling looks like in action, check out the list below.

1. The Startup Guys

The Startup Guys

This web design company specializing in creating websites for startups and small businesses sets a very cool example of how parallax scrolling can be used in an unpretentious yet striking manner. It is also an excellent example of how to use parallax to promote your content. Scrolling through the homepage of this site, you get all the essential info about what the company is all about. And you do so while enjoying visually exciting effects of parallax scrolling. This website uses the remarkable Bridge, theme which comes with unlimited parallax sections and parallax title image.

2. Smart Soluciones

Smart Soluciones

Smart Soluciones sets an excellent example of how to use parallax on your site with good measure. The website itself is not spectacular but it is definitely striking. For an IT company that specializes in web design, getting the right measure of effects such as parallax is crucial. As you scroll through the site, made with the excellent Eola, the impression you get is the one of good taste, measure, professionalism and modernism. That’s precisely what clients would expect from a web design company. Therefore, we can safely say they did a good job employing parallax.

3. Myriad


Myriad is a line of office furniture by the Boss Design studio from the UK. To showcase the new line of modular furniture that allows for great flexibility, the studio decided to make the best use of parallax. As the visitors scroll through, different pieces of furniture come together, traveling across the page and creating different combinations. This is a particularly clever use of parallax scrolling, as it is completely in line with the style and the purpose of the furniture it advertises.

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4. Alquimia WRG

Alquimia WRG

The Italian digital branding agency is well aware that, if you want to brand others, first you have to brand yourself perfectly. The website is a playful reflection of the agency’s alchemic name, and the parallax scrolling is used with a heavy allusion to the original astronomical meaning of the word. Namely, in astronomy, parallax means an apparent displacement of an object, depending on the observer’s vantage point. The Alquimia WRG website features an old-timey map of the sky as the background across we see tiny stars and various content elements moving at different speeds as we scroll.

5. Cultural Solutions

Cultural Solutions

The international organization for research, planning and event management Cultural Solutions UK uses parallax to create a subtle yet striking impression on their website. The use of parallax scrolling is rather orthodox yet efficient – you have different colored circles, some of which are moving slowly and the others at a somewhat faster pace. Visitors get a subtle 3D impression of depth, while remaining completely focused on the content and the calls to action. An effect that leaves a gentle impression, doesn’t poke you right in the eye and yet gets you to do what it wants you to do – this is one of the best examples of the use of parallax scrolling we saw in a while.

Bonus: The Boat

The Boat

When it first appeared back in 2015, The Boat really shook not just the web design world, but the literary world as well. This innovative one-page graphic novel website tells a moving story about escaping the Vietnam War on a boat. The website, or should we say – the interactive online novel, was innovative in so many ways. It needs to be said that a lot of this novel’s value comes from its visionary use of parallax scrolling, as well as from its intense soundscape.

Bottom Line

As we said earlier, and as you have already noticed yourself, parallax scrolling is everywhere. Still, it’s not always done right. We have worked hard to offer you this selection of some of the best examples of parallax so you get to see what it can and should look like. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether you need it on your website and how you can use it to boost traffic, engage visitors and, ultimately, boost conversions.

We hope this article was helpful. If you liked it, feel free to check out some of these articles as well!


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