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How to Use Keywords to Make Your Content More Visible

Tips on How to Use Keywords to Make Your Content More Visible

If people need an answer to a particular question they’re curious about, or if they simply want information about a certain term or phrase, they type it in Google or some other search engine to find it for them. Say that, for example, you want to find out who the best lawyers are in California, or you need to learn how to change your wifi password. Then, “best lawyers in California” or “how to change wifi password” are valid keywords that you could use for your search.

If, on the other hand, you want to learn how to use keywords to boost your site traffic, then knowing what key phrases to use simply isn’t enough. This purpose also requires some strategic planning on your part in order to bring you the results you seek.

We will show you how to use keywords in a way that will rank you higher on the search engines. In turn, this will bring you much desired visits to your website as well.

1. Place your keywords in meta description

A meta description is a short text that is displayed in search results below a link to your page or post. Basically, meta description should summarize what your post or page is about.

If you use WordPress, you can add a meta description on your own by using a plugin that takes care of your SEO, like Yoast SEO plugin. Otherwise, Google will decide which snippet of your text to take on its own.

In general, meta description has no impact on your search engine ranking. Still, the better your meta description, the more chance that people will want to visit your page and check out your content in more detail. Thus, make sure to write a captivating short description of your content with an inclusion of the keyword that you want people to find you by.

2. Add keywords to Inbound Links

An inbound link is a link that comes from some other site to your website. Using inbound link strategy could prove useful when it comes to your plan to make your site more visible. These links that link back to your site are important for multiple reasons. Not only do they greatly improve your ranking on the search engines, but they also increase the number of your website visits. You can make both people and search engines aware that your page or post covers a particular subject by putting in specific keywords in your anchor text that accurately describe your content.

3. Put your keywords in Subheadings

Sub-headings are significant for more reasons than one. Sadly, nowadays most people don’t have the time to read an entire article. So before they decide on whether a certain article is worth their time, many take a quick glance at subheadings first. They do this with an intention of getting the main points that are discussed in the text. Naturally, having subheadings isn’t only good for letting your users know the general gist of your content. In this way, search engines also have an insight of what your content is about. This is why you should consider making sub-headings and place your keywords where they naturally fit.

4. Put keywords in your images

Adding keywords to your picture title could also help you get noticed on the search engines. Of course, make sure to do this only where the keywords can take part in an accurate picture description. Since images are the first ones to appear in the top of search results on Google, by adding keywords to them, you get more chances of visibility.

5. Spread keywords throughout your Content

Possibly the most important part of your keyword strategy is placing them in your content. However, you should be careful not to use the same words time and time again. Even though you partly put in these keywords because of your users, it can be off-putting if you become visibly repetitive.

To avoid this, try mixing it up by putting different variations of words that have a same meaning as your keyword throughout your text. In this way, your readers will be engaged enough to keep reading, while search engines will recognize all these synonyms as your keywords. Essentially, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Final words

Learning how to effectively use keyword placement to your advantage is of utmost importance if you want your content to be noticed in the long run. Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t overstuff your content with keywords. This is why you should always ensure that the way you spread your keywords around makes them fit in naturally with the rest of your content. Lastly, don’t forget to make your content more attractive for readers – bold crucial parts, add color to your content or change font. This will make sure your readers won’t give up on reading, since these small tricks really keep them focused.

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